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Writer’s Block

How the hell does one overcome writer’s block? I’ve had dry spells before, but nothing like this. Everything I try only fans the fire.

I’m constantly overwhelmed with love for my wife. This woman has moved me to smiling when she isn’t even in the same city. Her love warms me on the harshest of days. And no matter how beautiful she is, I can’t come up with the words to express to her how much I love her. I search for phrases or gestures to let her know, but they all fail in the face of incredible prose or a brilliant song. Ever the talkative one, I end up just holding her and hoping that she knows just how much I care.

This frustration seems to have no signs of stopping. It’s the most excruciating I have to contend with as someone who writes. It’s just another way I can learn to appreciate her, I guess. Holding her until the words come.

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