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Voices in the dark

When my wife and I bought our first home, we quickly realized that the central air had no ability to get cool air upstairs. After a handful of failed ideas, my wife got our top floor an air conditioning unit. Thankfully, this was different than the window mounted options seen in many older buildings, including our old apartments. This was one that had a hose mounted to a partially opened window but otherwise remained inside. In addition to the cooling breeze, it filtered air and provided a nice white noise at night.

At least, the sound of the air conditioner was usually soothing.

Not long after installation, I began to notice strange sounds at night. At first, it just sounded like the usual purr of the house appliances and the air unit. As time went on however, I started to hear music or voices being blown into the room with the filtered, chilled air. On more than one occasion I have turned off the air and listened, hoping to hear what the source was of the voices in an otherwise empty home. Everytime I would do this, a forced silence enveloped the room. The voice or melody died with the air blowing into the room.

This test has happened enough that I have stopped turning off the unit and now attempt to separate the voices from the artificial wind as I fall to sleep at night. Never at a clearly audible volume, it always happens at a level where the voices in my head could be either whispered or fabricated. This should terrify me more than it does, especially because my wife never hears it. Perhaps my side of the bed being closer to the device has made me the unwilling recipient of such communications.

We have a running joke that our house is haunted. From the ominous though tidy crawlspace to the baby monitor detecting sound and movement when no one is home, it has been chalked up to creepy coincidence and nothing more. If adding this air unit spewing near subliminal messages doesn’t feel like a macabre environment, I’m curious what would.

It happened again last night. As I drifted off after some late-night reading, I felt I could once again hear voices. Barely noticeable, I imagined the electrics were pulling messages from another place. Possibly another dimension, world, or location on this plane of existence. Content to leave it at that, I take comfort in the words of the unseen as I rest my eyes at night.

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