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I’m convinced my fingernails clippings are going to kill me. And not for the obvious reasons. Sure it’s gross to find random nails in unconventional places, but I usually try to keep clean any areas in which that could occur.

A few weeks ago, I was driving and opted to discard my nail out the window. I was only going 25 miles per hour so the waste wouldn’t become some renegade projectile. I just rolled down my window and let the discarded element fly from the cabin of my hatchback. Then my mind began to wonder.

What if this single nail could end me up in a wealth of trouble? It would no doubt be enough to put my DNA at the scene of a crime. Not enough to convict me per se, but definitely enough for a good interrogation.

Or cloning. Dear God, I hope I’m never cloned. I’m not much of a nuisance, but more than one of me would be awful. That could only end in a Highlander type showdown where I kill all of the fake versions of yours truly.

So from now on, I’m going to throw my nails in the incinerator. There can be only one.

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