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Hey Grandma,

Sorry I haven’t called in so long. Life has a way of keeping me busy. I’ve been working on this in my head for a while, so apologies if it runs away from itself.

First off, how are you? I’d love to hear how the Fourth of July was where you live now. Your house and all the memories we all have from Independence Days past keep it as one of my favorites each year. Even before I joined the Air Force, I loved celebrating with family at the parade, carnival, and all the festivities you would come up with.

Work is good. So is the Mrs. Being a homeowner is great. I finally begin to understand taking pride in one’s own lawn. I’ve laid some fresh grass and fiendishly attack weeds when they take up root (pun intended). At some point, we’re hoping to plant some flowers in the garden in back.

When you guys moved out of that house you’ve had all those decades, each of us kids and grandkids got to take things with us. It almost felt as if the house was being divided amongst us so we could all have a piece of it with us wherever we were. I smile just thinking of that concept.

I cherish all the mementos and memories you’ve given me (so far). I’ll never forget seeing you laugh to the point of tears trying to load the lathe into Tabitha’s truck (“Adam, what’s the plan there?”). That will always been one of my favorite moments with you.

The reason I’m writing you tonight has to do with my house. See, the last few weeks, we’ve had to locate and eradicate the fumes of gasoline entering the house through the garage. It may me paranoid to sit in our front room, but it also made me worried. See, prior to the smell invading my domicile, opening the door to the house was a real treat. Entering the home was always met with the familiar scent. It smelled exactly like your house. That first room proudly displays the knick-knack tray and cuckoo clock we love so much. Those items and that comforting aroma reminds me the essence of my home has a sense of yours. It keeps me connected to you and thinking of you constantly.

Thankfully the stench has left and the welcoming aroma has once again taken up residence. I’d be so heartbroken without it.

I love you grandma and miss you. I plan on calling to catch up soon. Hope this finds you with a smile.


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