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Ideal Home

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Steve Coogan is an eccentric actor. He pivots from farcical comedy to drama quite seamlessly. His affiliation with a film makes it more interesting to me by default. He’s a 23% actor in that his appearance makes things 23% more watchable to me. Though not every film is one that I enjoyed, the ones that I did I loved. After the success of Hamlet 2, Coogan and director finally reunite for Ideal Home.

Coogan stars as Erasmus, a host of a small-scale lifestyle show. He flaunts recipes and becomes compared to Rachel Ray on multiple occasions in the film. His producer/husband Paul (Paul Rudd) are constantly biting at each other as their marital problems bleed onto the set and everything the couple does. When Erasmus’s illegitimate grandson shows up, the already strained relationship is tested as the two men attempt to care for a ten-year-old.

The combination of Coogan and director Andrew Fleming is lightning striking twice. Adding Paul Rudd as a bitter and sarcastic spouse is inspired. The dynamic yields laughs of various levels as Coogan preens and Rudd seethes. As the film ventures into sentimentality between the boy and his characters, the tone manages to balance the humor with the sincerity. The film peppers in a bit too much melodrama in the third act, but that time the characters are so realized that it begins to pull on the heartstrings.

Ideal Home is one of the funniest and warmest movies of the year. Though it won’t be seen by the vast majority, it is recommended for fans of rated R family comedies. 5 out of 5 stars

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