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Hostile Lights

My wife bought these exterior motion lights for our house last November. Problem is, she has yet to determine where and how she wants them mounted. In lieu of keeping them in a box, she’s positioned them around the house since we have to get up so early every day. The thought is to save on electricity by avoiding doing any major electrical work in certain rooms.

The beams of light are of the obnoxious variety. Instead of simple bulbs, they are battery operated LED lights, intent on blinding anyone they find. These damn lanterns seem to be positioned in different places everytime I attempt to move them out of my eyeline. These things are hunting me.

So last night, I made a preemptive strike. I gathered up all the lights and aimed the sensors at each other. Since they are light and motion activated, they will never stop working. When one goes off, the motion sets off the others, which in turn sets the original one off. I’ve created a circle jerk of these lights in hopes the batteries die or they get a permanent fixture outside. Bastards are going down.

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