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Fad is Bad

I love reading. I try to juggle fiction, classics, and non-fiction of all types. One genre I like to explore is books that were incredibly popular. Titles like Chicken Soup for the Soul, A Child Called It, Amityville Horror, and many more.

A problem I found among many (but not all) is the lackluster writing quality. The story may have been engaging, but the dismal lack of vocabulary or overuse of exclamation points ruined the experience. It may be a colossal success, but the audience isn’t concerned about how it’s written.

Right now I’m reading a bestseller from a few decades ago. The topic has potential to be very engaging, but it is written in a manner that sucks the excitement out of it. It feels like stuff I would have scribbled and received a C grade on in school.

With today’s emphasis on visual stimuli over engaging reading, it is surprising that this abundance of poor writing isn’t encountered more on the best-seller list. Are people even reading more than cookbooks and self-help anymore?

Oh books, I hope you never lose your power.

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