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Data Limit Exceeded

Last week, I moved. On the same day that we were to move all our belongings, we disconnected our internet. So unfortunately, I couldn’t watch  or download a movie I preordered from iTunes.

The next morning, my cellular provider sent two warnings in rapid succession. The first informed me 75% of the 10 gigabytes (gb) our shared data allotted was used up. 45 minutes later, a followup text confirmed 90%  was spent. My phone was sucking the data up like Dracula would a supple virgin.

My excited phone was constantly attempting to use every ounce of available cellular data to download my preordered copy of Magic Mike XXL. Of the 4 gbs it blew through, I never came close to achieving an effective copy of the movie. All that frustration for nothing.

Now auto-download is turned off, so that won’t happen again anytime soon. Though the overage cost will likely exceed the price of the movie, I can breathe easy. Crisis averted and I plan to better monitor my auto-settings moving forward.

At least the movie is good.

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