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Today on while on a run, geese were shepherding their newborn chicks along the edge of the lake our run club circles. All the little ones huddled together as the parents helped show them where to go.

The touching moment was how defensive the geese were of their offspring. They hissed at anyone on the trail to stay back, protecting the family from any intruders. It was adorable.

The second time around the track, the sight became even more precious. A few of the chickadees were separated from the group. Those that were still had their elder guardians. The geese treated even one chick no different from a herd. As the exhaustion of running (I’m not in any type of good cardio shape) kicked in, it warmed my heart to see their maternal nature taking hold. I was washed with strong anticipation of one day protecting my young the same way, hissing at passersby. It also reminded me of the story of how God treats us no different. He is protective and nurturing of each one of us and has no issue venturing out to find us and bring us back to the flock. It made the remainder of my long run comforting. I hope to not forget those moments any day soon.

*Note* I have no intention of pushing my religious beliefs in these posts. Love is love, regardless of the personal beliefs. Mine just happen to be Christian.

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