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Bump in the Night

How come night vision is so underrated? As a Boy Scout, we would go on monthly night hikes. No flashlights, no lanterns, just the light of the stars and the moon to guide us. Growing up, I found serenity in those hikes.

About halfway through high school, I began getting engrossed in horror movies. This combination of the macabre and the deep blanket made these strolls all the more eerie. Hiking along a cliff face in darkness doesn’t quite register until you retrace your steps the next day.

Love is like that. So is faith. Putting your concerns aside to move forward and believe it’s safe is what true intimacy creates. Hindsight will always show you what the true risks were. I love my God; I love my (future) wife; I love my friends and family. These propel me through the dark times with the comfort of safety. I am blessed that no matter how much I feel like I’m living a horror movie, they will keep me out of the worst of it. Looking back, I’ll be able to see just how rough (or easy) things were. I strive daily to do the same for those I loveĀ as well.

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