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Another Brick in the Wall

The first step when it comes to playing with LEGOs is to dump all the pieces in a pile. If it’s a new set, empty all the bags into a mound of plastic. If you are working with an existing LEGO collection, you should already have a tub or bin with everything mixed together in a smorgasbord of random configurations.

Whenever I discuss playing with LEGOs, I explain that playing with this building toy isn’t complete until you panic that something is missing. There may be no more of the given item, or it’s hidden under a tire, but playing doesn’t start in earnest until the lost piece search begins.

As I’ve gotten older, most of my time with building is assembling new sets. The likelihood of an element missing is highly unlikely. After all, they usually throw in extra pieces that are usually misplaced to avoid any real panic.

Last weekend, I was putting together a new LEGO Batman set. When I reached the panic moment in earnest, a new existence started: a piece was actually missing. This had never happened in sets I’d purchased before. After the shock began to subside, I tried to soldier on thinking it would turn up but it was not in the box. Operating with a handicap, the panic came back a few minutes later. Believe it or not, two more pieces weren’t included. As I turned each successive page in the building manual, I became curious and fearful of just how bricks shy of a full load this would end up. The total was ended up being three.

With my world shaken to its core, and my vehicle noticeably unfinished, I didn’t know what to do. At the suggestion of my wife, I called the support line and described my problem. They happily put the three missing pieces in the mail free of charge. They are on their way over as we speak. Don’t know if I’ll ever take this thing apart once it is finished. Next time I play with LEGO, I’ll be even more fearful of an incomplete design. It has happened before…

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